Facial Treatments

Pro Preteen/ Teen Facial / Teen's Acne $80-$100

An educational session for this range of age to learn how to keep their skin blemish free $ healthy by NO TIME consuming & simple skincare plan.

Pro Gentlemen Facial $95

Everyday shaving brings imbalanced & irritated skin. We can help you to do minimum work to enhance your skin.


Pro Standard Facial $85

A jump start for everyone who is seeking for healthier & balanced skin.


Pro Bio-Organic Facial $115

We provide you Certified Organic ingredients from start to the end of your facial.


Pro Exclusive Facial $115 -$120

This is a treatment to correct one skin condition at the time. Such as; hyper/hypo pigmentation, dehydration, asphyxiated skin, sluggish & dull, rosacea, irritated by products misused or environmental &/or internal stressors.

Pro Clinical / Corrective Treatments $145- $185

Black Caviar, Collagen90+, Hydralifting, Botinol, Sea C, Normalizing, and more... These exceptional treatments constitute affordable, clinically proven alternatives medical interventions when specially performed in a series as recommended.. The results are incomparable to anything you have experienced.

Note: Clinical treatments can be combined with Chemical Peels and machinery methods to achieve maximum results for additional charges from $30 - $60  


Pro Microdermabrasion $120

Pro Hydra-dermabrasion/ Hydra Peel $145

A machinery method to gently polish skin wet/dry, increasing blood flow to release oxygen & nourishment supplies throughout skin.

Chemical Peels $80 - $125

It works WONDER ! A peel uses chemical solutions to smooth the texture of the skin by removing damaged outer layers. Suitable to treat acne, scars, age & liver spots, fine lines & wrinkles, rough & scaly patches, & more...


Back Treatment $120-$180

Removes dead cells, clears up pores, evens out skin tone, hydrates & refreshes your skin.


10 Minute LED Light Therapy $65

A non-invasive method with NO down time & immediate result. LED light therapy targets acne, age spots, sagginess & more...

It could be Add On to any facials. ( $35)


SKIN PERFECTOR ( Semi Medical Grade)


The 3-in-1 technology achieves sustainable & visible effects, with results close to surgery with minimum side effect such as minor redness and tenderness for 1-72 hours.

 This innovation allows us to customize each step to specifically correct client's own unique needs every time. It is also, perfect for SENSITIVE skin.



 Hand  Treatment $95-$120

Decollete Treatment  $50-$80

Restorative  Collagen Lip Treatment $45

Stress relief  Collagen Eye Treatment $50


Natural Eyebrow Tint $22-$25

Natural Eyelash Tint $27-$30